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Retrieved 5 September 2009. They contain three , the , , and the. Prime members enjoy FREE Two-Day Shipping and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Retrieved 5 September 2009. Residential patterns were altered in England by private motoring, and by the creation of the NHS in 1948. Devolution has stimulated a greater emphasis on a more English-specific identity and patriotism. Retrieved 21 May 2009. This brought about the political unification of England, first accomplished under in 927 and definitively established after further conflicts by in 953. Archived from on 27 May 2012. The government department responsible for the NHS is the , headed by the , who sits in the.

It sailed the backyard coast-to-coast, but what he loved the most was what he let inside. Healthcare , an NHS hospital The NHS is the in England responsible for providing the majority of healthcare in the country. Of these, a minority are primarily or schools. Retrieved 23 July 2010. Like other regions on the edge of the Empire, Britain had long enjoyed trading links with the Romans. Retrieved 17 September 2009. Language See also: , , and Language Native speakers English 46,936,780 Cornish 554 Welsh 8,248 Polish 529,173 Punjabi 271,580 Urdu 266,330 Bengali 216,196 Gujarati 212,217 Arabic 152,490 French 145,026 Other 2,267,016 Population 51,005,610 Official, but not majority language Note: English is also an As its name suggests, the , today spoken by hundreds of millions of people around the world, originated as the language of England, where it remains the principal tongue spoken by 98% of the population. The of the traditionally takes place at the Abbey A form of known as is the third largest Christian practice and grew out of Anglicanism through. Rolls-Royce also produces low-emission power systems for ships; makes critical equipment and safety systems for the nuclear industry and powers offshore platforms and major pipelines for the oil and gas industry.

Champ's town | Local News | Detroit Metro Times - скачивание разрешено.

Retrieved 27 April 2013. Retrieved 5 September 2009. Other people from much further afield in the former British colonies have arrived since the 1950s: in particular, 6% of people living in England have family origins in the , mostly India, and. There are landscapes in calcite areas such as parts of Yorkshire and. How the kids did the dozens. In , under the , England has produced many world champions across the weight divisions internationally recognised by the governing bodies. In the 3rd century, Emperor died at now , where was subsequently proclaimed emperor. The crack epidemic was just kicking down East Side doors, and neighborhoods were in slow decline. The recorded that the of 1086 covered the whole of England, meaning the English kingdom, but a few years later the Chronicle stated that King went "out of Scotlande into in Englaland", thus using it in the more ancient sense.

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